A team of like-minded professionals united by common values and goals.


To develop a successful and efficient business by offering clients the optimal range of specialised food products and additives designed for specific purposes.

To contribute to the population’s health, promote healthy lifestyle and disease prevention, improve the quality of life of our clients.

Strengthen the national food security by developing domestic production of specialised food, and promote import substitution.

We make health food affordable!


To become Number One in all categories of specialised food products by the year 2025.


Innovanta Group includes a modern and technologically advanced production of specialised food products. The production strictly adheres to the principles of HACCP and ISO 22000 standards. At the disposal of the Innovanta Group is more than 1000 sq. m. of production areas with technological equipment that allows the production of various versions of dry mixes, including using a unique microencapsulation technology.

Our production is ready in the shortest possible time to complete any project under the order: from the development of the concept and recipe to the production of a serial batch.


Our team has an extensive staff of professionals: technologists, chemical analysts, quality controllers, engineers, mechanics, marketers, developers and many other employees with higher specialized education and extensive production experience; ready in the shortest possible time to complete any project under the order at all stages: from the development of the concept and recipe – to the production of a serial batch.


  • Product quality control at all stages of production.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation in all areas of activity.
  • The use of mainly domestic raw materials in the manufacture of products.
  • Our fundamental business relations principles are respect for the interests of partners and customers, the importance of meeting obligations, the need to adequately answer the market demands.
  • We are convinced that reliable partnership is the key to productive long-term business development.


Before creating the Innovanta Group, its founder Nikolai Sidorov already spent about 20 years in the pharmaceutical business, having gone from a childhood dream of becoming a doctor to a managing partner of a group of partner companies.

The business was quite successful, it brought in income, but did not bring the most important thing – the realisation of the internal need to apply their own knowledge and experience to create effective and innovative products.

The interest in the segment of specialised food products and the search for the most effective combinations of combinations of various functional ingredients is due to Nikolai Sidorov’s serious sports past. Along with training at the Medical Academy, he was an active athlete of the Olympic Judo team; played at international competitions for his country. The symbiosis of the professional competences of a leader in medicine and sports predetermined the direction of the activity of the structure he created.

The development and production of a line of dietary preventive and dietary medical nutrition was the first stage in the development of the Innovanta Group of partner companies. The leader’s ambitious plans include the development of all areas of specialised food products (medicinal, enteral, sports, baby food) and the desire to take a dominant position in the market in the next 5 years.

“The prevalence of imported specialised food products (children’s, medical, sports nutrition) on the market at the moment makes this segment attractive for import substitution and the output of high-quality domestic products.”
Sidorov N.V., November 2020