Innovanta Group has a modern, technologically advanced production facility manufacturing specialised nutrition products. The production strictly adheres to the HACCP principles and ISO 22000 standards. lnnovanta Group has more than 1000 square meters of production space with advanced equipment that allows producing multiple types of dry mixes, including those requiring a unique micro encapsulation technology. Our production is ready to meet any custom project requirements in shortest time possible through all work stages, from concept development to recipes to production batch. The fundamental principles the company relies on in its business relations are deep respect towards the interests of partners and customers, strong commitment to keep promises and fulfill obligations, and continued aspiration to meet market demands. We believe that reliable partnership is the key to long-term productive business development.

Product RANGE

Product RANGE

  • DPCM Nutrimixtura Extra is recommended to use daily to enrich ready meals with complete protein. Has a neutral taste, a light milky smell, and a gentle creamy texture. The product is based on "slow" milk protein (a combination of whey and casein) - thermostable, ideal for making cocktails.

  • Vitamin and mineral complex is a ready-made concentrated  mixture of food enrichers. The product is used to enrich meals with vitamins and minerals (A, C, D3, E, B1, B2, B5, B6, B7, PP, zinc, iodine).

  • Functional drinks "Novionta" (powdered compotes with sugar and sugar-free fruit-drinks) can be prepared at the catering establishments, including companies and vending machines, and at home to address the vitamins and microelement deficiency.

  • "Novionta" pods for coffee pod machine are a healthy coffee alternative. “Novionta” berry and fruit punches are manufactured from plants that grow in the environmentally friendly area of the Altai region. Novionta berry and fruit punches are delicious and healthy products for the whole family in the best Russian traditions.

  • DPCM Nutrimixtura is recommended to use daily to enrich ready meals with complete protein. Has a neutral taste, a light milky smell, and a gentle creamy texture. The product is based on "fast" whey protein - low allergenic, easily digestible - digested much faster than other proteins.



We make specialised food products available!

To build a successful and efficient business, we offer our Clients an optimal range of specialised food products designed for various purposes and tasks.

To contribute to the health of the population, promoting the values of a healthy lifestyle, the importance of disease prevention, improving the quality of life of our clients.

Strengthen the national food security of the country by developing domestic production of specialised food products, and promote import substitution.

Innovanta Group is a Russian manufacturer and supplier of specialized food with a market share of 30%.

Our advantages

  • New production facility in Dolgoprudny, Moscow region
  • Capacity of 10,000 tons of products per year
  • Use of mainly domestic raw materials (70%)
  • Own R&D department developing unique production technologies
  • Highly competent workforce

LIPOSFERA microencapsulation technology

Works by creating millions of microscopic vials-containers with the active substance inside. The membrane of such a liposome is identical to the structure of the cell; therefore, it easily penetrates the cell barrier, delivering the active substances unchanged. Thanks to the use of this technology in the production of food, active substances are not destroyed by the aggressive environment of the stomach, but are completely absorbed. This technology makes our products innovative and the most effective for the consumer. Maximum Bioavailability –Maximum Nutritional Efficiency.